SEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp Style

Course Overview

This course will show you the most effective steps to prevent attacks and detect adversaries with actionable techniques that can be used as soon as you get back to work. You'll learn tips and tricks designed to help you win the battle against the wide range of cyber adversaries that want to harm your environment. SEC401 provides you with the information security knowledge needed to help you answer these questions for your environment, delivered in a bootcamp-style format reinforced with hands-on labs.


  • SEC401.1: Network Security Essentials
  • SEC401.2: Defense-in-Depth
  • SEC401.3: Vulnerability Management and Response
  • SEC401.4: Data Security Technologies
  • SEC401.5: Windows Security
  • SEC401.6: Linux, Mac and Smartphone Security


In Person (6 days) / Online - Access Period: 4 months

Course Authors

  • Bryan Simon, Principal Instructor
  • Stephen Sims, Fellow
  • Jason Fossen, Fellow

What You Will Learn

  • To develop effective security metrics that provide a focused playbook that the IT department can implement, auditors can validate, and executives can understand
  • To analyze the risk to your environment in order to drive the creation of a security roadmap that focuses on the right areas of security
  • Practical tips and tricks that focus on addressing high-priority security problems within your organization and doing the right things that lead to security solutions that work
  • Why some organizations win and why some lose when it comes to security and, most importantly, how to be on the winning side
  • The core areas of security and how to create a security program that is built on a foundation of Detection, Response, and Prevention