SEC460: Enterprise and Cloud | Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Course Overview

SEC460 is the premier course on building technical vulnerability assessment skills and techniques, while highlighting time-tested practical approaches to ensure true value across the enterprise. The course covers threat management, introduces the core components of comprehensive vulnerability assessment, and provides the hands-on instruction necessary to produce a vigorous defensive strategy from day one. The course focuses on equipping information security personnel from mid-sized to large organizations who are charged with effectively and efficiently securing 10,000 or more systems.


  • SEC460.1: Vulnerability Management and Assessment
  • SEC460.2: Network and Cloud Asset Discovery and Classification
  • SEC460.3: Enterprise and Cloud Vulnerability Scanning
  • SEC460.4: Vulnerability Validation, Triage, and Mass Data Management
  • SEC460.5: Remediation and Reporting
  • SEC460.6: Vulnerability Assessment Hands-on Challenge


In Person (6 days) / Online - Access Period: 4 months

Course Authors

  • Matthew Toussain, Certified Instructor

What You Will Learn

  • A Windows Virtual Machine customized for the security tester
  • All policy and configuration files that can be used to implement a comprehensive vulnerability assessment strategy
  • Numerous custom PowerShell scripts to perform automated vulnerability testing or provide a shell for your own unique needs
  • A proven Vulnerability Assessment Framework to guide your operations and assure sustained and iterative value from your services
  • Virtual Machines and digital cheat sheets